A Word from our CEO

Political instability has lead to an endless civil war in Sudan even after the partition. Many citizens are in refugee camps because of their homes being burnt due to bombardment. Children have been subjected to war crimes and many are left crippled without any help. Also early marriages have been existing in this area and many children are raised up by their grandparents who are incapable of providing them with their basic needs and care. This area has been given little humanitarian assistance as a result, many children are without shelter, food and clothing to the extent of walking naked and sleeping practically in the bushes.

The number of orphans has been increasing vigorously now estimated to be 290,000 whereas most of them have no access to education, of even proper human social formation. As a result they end up involving themselves at an earlier age in dangerous plant smoking (marijuana) and learning how to use weapons such as guns which are available in every home. The orphanage center has started with the enrollment of 500 orphans who will be provided with shelter, clothing, food, education and human social formation. Therefore by so doing, psychological torture of these children will be reduced as they will be exposed to social life and interactive environment which they have never experienced before. Proper education to the children will enable them to have better understanding of their society and in the future they will be the peacekeepers in this area.

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