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    We want every Child in the system to know that they're loved and valuable. We want to bring them hope, by educating, encouraging, equipping and mobilizing efforts through service, support and community involvement.

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    The Get Up and Walk is a Foundation which focuses on vulnerable children and fragmenting families. Children come to live in our Children's Villages for a variety of reasons:

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    Please help us raise money in aid of The Get Up And Walk Foundation.If you are holding a fundraising event, why not create a fundraising page in support of Get Up and Walk Foundation.

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There is nothing as standing with those who can't stand for themselves.

A word from the CEO - Mr. Humphrey Minja about the current life in Sudan.



The Get Up and Walk Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of orphaned children and needy people all over the world. Through donations of concerned individuals, Founders and organizations, we help feed, educate, and improve their lives. Our overall purpose is to elevate the well-being of orphans and empower them to succeed in whatever endeavour they choose. We are expanding throughout the Country to raise up the Hope of the affected Orphan Children and Needy people.
We are dedicated to help and support Orphans Children, Widows, Fatherless who have nobody to turn to. We are committed to helping those who have no home until when they are ready for independent life. Helping Orphans, Widows, Fatherless to solve the problems that they are facing, and assist with strategies so they can become self sufficient and provide for their whole community. Long-term goals include orphanages centres, schools, hospitals and whole communities completely self-sufficient by providing educational materials and support, medical supplies, and food support. To provide long‐term in‐country support for coordination and scale up of HIV activities in support of African countries’ policy to fight against the HIV infection and poverty eradication mostly who are affected areas such as Sudan, Congo etc. To help the helpless, hopeless and hungry orphan children and semi orphan children with the free food, free shelter, free education, free medical assistance etc., irrespective of faith, caste, class, religion and race.
Together we can help the orphans, widows, fatherless and all needy people in Sudan, Africa and all over the world to feel valuable and loved by the people. Our objective is to build permanent orphanage centres, schools, vocational centres, establish the water projects etc in Sudan and all the countries that suffer the same problem. As explained above the centers would be opened to children in our care and to those from the wider community. Most children will be taken to undergo Vocational Training which will provide new skills and practical training to young people, giving them a route to long-term success. We also offer skills, training, education, counselling, and improved nutrition to vulnerable families so they are able to provide for their children and stay together through difficult times.
The civil wars which has lasted for decades has led to many deaths of innocent people, crippled people increase monthly, burnt homes, abandoned children, sexual harassment, escalating level of poverty as well as psychological torture to children. Children especially the orphaned ones due to lack of support have no opportunity to attend school or go to refugee camp which is 250 kilometers away. This has led to many of them growing without any values and engaging in vices such as drugs taking, theft, sexual misconduct and early marriage among others which are not helping them to fit in the society normally.
Assistance in giving the children human formation so as they may have full control of their surroundings. The children formed from this center will be the future leaders to guide their Country and the society in general. The number of crimes will reduce due to the values impacted to them. Academic excellence to the young people will help their societies to attain social maturity. Liberation from chain of wars under the efforts of the educated young people. Minimizing psychological torture from war crimes, injuries, deaths and cruel actions. Improving international relations as they will be linked to their friends. Introduce the isolated Nuba society to the rest of the world. Different expertise and talents will arise from this humble society.

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