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  • cloththem


    We are currently seeking sponsorship for kids’ orphans, widows and needy people in South Korfordan in Sudan as well as in Tanzania. We are in need of clothing for both of our male and female hosts on our show and would greatly appreciate it if we could count on your

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  • food-for-the-needy

    Food for the Needy

    Isn’t it sad that meanwhile we are blessed with excess of food, some still struggle just to have a meal for a day? It even gets to a point where hardwork is not an effort. Think of war zones where people cannot till the soil nor can they even get

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  • operation-sponsor-a-child

    Operation “Sponsor a Child”

    As another school year comes by, we are intending to be a big blessing to many kids who lack a means to be funded for the academic year. As the days and possibly few weeks go by, we shall have an update of kids who need funding and will also

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  • water-project-for-orphanage-in-south-sudan

    Water Project for Orphanage in South Sudan

    Our next project is getting a water pipeline which will be installed at South Korfodan in Sudan. It is a hard struggle to get to fresh and clean water every time these loved ones try to go out to fetch and this is something we desire to complete as it

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