The Get Up and Walk is a Foundation which focuses on vulnerable children and fragmenting families. Children come to live in our Children's established centre : some of them might have lost their parents in Diseases (main AIDS), natural disaster, others have been abandoned because their parents are unable to look after them because of poverty or disease.

The children of today are the decision-makers of tomorrow, and have the opportunity to create a better future for all children. At Get Up and Walk Foundation(2012) , we'd like to help equip them with the knowledge they need for this.

At Get Up and Walk Foundation(2012), we believe all children should belong to a family which is why we look after children who have lost their parents through disease, accidents or poverty etc.

We are dedicated to help and support Children who have nobody to turn to. We are committed to helping those who have no home until when they are ready for independent life.

Helping Orphans solve the problems that they are facing, and assist with strategies so they can become self sufficient and provide for their whole community. Long-term goals include orphanages and whole communities completely self-sufficient by providing educational materials and support, medical supplies, and food support.

To provide long-term in-country support for coordination and scale up of HIV activities in support of Tanzania policy to fight against the HIV infection and poverty eradication.

To help the helpless, hopeless and hungry orphan children and semi orphan children with the free food, free shelter, free education, free medical assistance etc., irrespective of faith, caste, class and race.

To support Orphans Children with their education all the way, from junior to senior school and beyond and maybe university education too.

To help the destitute children and widows women by providing them with free food, free shelter, free medical services, free clothing and rehabilitate them suitably and spiritually.

To visit the helpless, hopeless and the disabled and the old to encourage them in their spiritual and physical life.

To run nurseries and welfare homes for the benefit of the helpless Children and Widows.

Help break the Orphans barriers to see the possibilities and make dreams come true.

To establish Vocational coaching like Bricks laying, Painters, Tilers, Tailoring, Embroidery, cane works, Lace Carpet, Weaving and other necessary courses for the poor and needy Orphans for the use of their self support.

To mobilize and support community-based responses which identify, locate, and protect the affected Children.

Its primary aim is to reinforce the natural vitality and strengthen the resilience of the orphaned children.

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