Mr. Humphrey Minja


Mr Humphrey Minja was involved in the efforts sponsored by SIDA from Sweden which had coordinated efforts to support the Orphans in Tanzania and other countries as well as eradicating the informal settlement, in developing countries.

In November 2003 Humphrey visited some villages in Capetown, South Africa where the orphan population was described as very high. As a vivid example of that, he entered a home and encountered the following: to the immediate left of the door sat the 84-year- old grandfather, entirely blind. Inside the hut sat his wife, visibly frail, aged 76. Between them they had given birth to eight children; seven were now dead and the eighth, alas! was clearly dying. On the floor of the hut, jammed together with barely room to move or breathe, were 12 orphaned children ranging in age from two to sixteen… It is now commonplace that grandmother is the caregivers for orphans."

The grandmother is impoverished, her days are numbered, and the decimation of families is so complete that there is often no one left in the generation coming up behind.

Humphrey also worked for MEAR Group (Contracting Company based in UK) and was quite inspired by the Chairman of the Company, Mr Bob Holt. Bob has always been encouraging and leading charity walk every year as part of his campaign aiming at helping the needy especially in poor countries particularly Africa. Humphrey was also involved in charity walk conducted by MEARS e.g. the River Thames walk in Oxford etc.

Because of this he became aware of the huge need of orphans in our world. Before we established theĀ Get Up and Walk Foundation(2012), Humphrey and his wife Eva adopted Four Children whose parents died of AIDS. Because of that Humphrey and Eva were compelled to try to get something started with a few people from Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania. They knew that people would respond and reach out to orphans if someone would make them aware. So, it was in December 2011, when a small group of people with a heart for orphans met to embark on this journey of hope. The main Funding of the Foundation has always been coming from the Founders Members, as we are expanding we will be able to support more Children through donations of concerned individuals, members, businesses, and organizations so that we would be able to feed, educate, and improve their lives. Our overall purpose is to elevate the well-being of orphans and empower them to succeed in whatever endeavor they choose.

Giving Orphans Hope (Get Up and Walk) is an organization looking to serve the orphans in Africa, w're starting small because we are small. But we're convinced that God who loves these Children more than we can imagine also has bigger plans for this cause than we can imagine. So as we grow, little by little, we're embracing every chance we get to share the stories of these children and to involve people in the effort to bring them hope.

We're eager to partner with local communities and organizations that support our work. And through awareness initiatives, educational events, service projects, fundraisers, forums and shared experiences with foster care and adoption, we will bring hope to the orphans … little by little.

Our preeminent Vision: We want every Child in the system to know that they're loved and valuable. We want to bring them hope, by educating, encouraging, equipping and mobilizing efforts through service, support and community involvement.

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