Mr. Kadmiel Fominyen


Kadmiel is a Cameroonian based in Dubai and is the VP and Projects Coordinator for GUAW (Get Up and Walk) Foundation.

“It has always been a blessing for me to stand for others with what I have and through the years, I have seen sweet smiles and goosebumps on others’ faces because of even what I took as an act of just a little kindness.

Somewhere in 2003, I was bed ridden due to some illness and was watching the TV with my Father and we came across this orphanage program where we would see the needy and orphans share their stories and experience after the death of their parents and we could see some in tears and lost words. At that point, I didn’t realize when tears ran down my cheeks like a new facial waterfall was discovered on me and something happened like a click in my heart and since then, I started from being a $1 philanthropist until now where it has gotten higher and to the extent of being a Vice President of a charity organization connecting people across the world to stand together for the needy and the voice of the voiceless.

The dream has just begun… God will enable and give grace to run through to the realization of every other thing.”

Volunteer Information

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