Mrs. Eva Minja


Mrs. Eva Minja is a philanthropist at heart and cares so much the orphans, widows and the needy.
In 1997 Mrs. Eva joined as a volunteer in one of the non profit organisation known as Poverty alleviation in Africa. She worked in different parts of Tanzania to support poor people particularly the Orphans and widows who had no one to turn to.

While in Poverty alleviation in Africa, Mrs. Eva visited various regions in Tanzania such as Mbeya, Dodoma, Sumbawanga, Iringa, Bagamoyo, Arusha and Dar Es Salaam to visit the needy people and got engaged them in different small scale businesses in order to support themselves for living. Mrs. Eva also was involved with the projects for the disabled people in Dar Es Salaam city who were provided with the special wheelchairs for their daily use and support them engaged themselves in small vending businesses to support themselves for the living.

Mrs. Eva and her husband Humphrey Minja adopted Four Children whose parents died of AIDS. Because of that Humphrey and Eva were compelled to try to get something started with a few people from Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania. They knew that people would respond and reach out to orphans if someone would make them aware. So, it was in December 2011, when a small group of people with a heart for orphans met to embark on this journey of hope. The main Funding of the Foundation has always been coming from the Founders Members, as we are expanding we will be able to support more Children through donations of concerned individuals, members, businesses, and organizations so that we would be able to feed, educate, and improve their lives. Our overall purpose is to elevate the well-being of orphans and empower them to succeed in whatever endeavour they choose.

Giving Orphans Hope (Get Up and Walk) is an organization looking to serve the orphans and needy people in Africa, we’re starting small because we are small. But we’re convinced that God who loves these Children more than we can imagine also has bigger plans for this cause than we can imagine. So as we grow, little by little, we’re embracing every chance we get to share the stories of these children and to involve people in the effort to bring them hope.

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